CEM I 42,5 N

CEM I 42,5 R

CEM I 52,5 N

CEM II / B-M (P-L) 32,5 R

CEM II / A-M (P-L) 42,5 R

CEM I 42,5 R - SR5

CEM II / A-P 42,5 R



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Container Shipment

MM initiated container loading/shipments in 2002 in order to serve the customers faster and to prevent the increase of bulk vessel freightage to meet the orders of the customers in low tonnages.

MM delivers the Construction building materials products by using all types and sizes of containers ( 20 DC, 40 DC, 45 HC 20 feet open top, 40 feet open top, Open Top, High Cubes) to the port or to the address of its customers.

In addition, MM delivers the containers by using the lines Maersk, MSC, ARKAS, CMA, P & O.

While loading the containers, lashing can be applied inside of the containers with the purpose of protecting the material.

Bulk Shipment

Bulk vessel delivery is the method with which MM exports the merchandize to over 75 countries worlwide since its establishment.

We have been working with more than 20 major ship owners and ship agencies for the deliveries to all over the world in order to transport the orders in accordance with our customers’ needs.

While loading the ships, lashing, separation and dunnaging are carried out depending on the specifications of the goods in order to prevent damage during sea transport.

Railway Transportation

İhtiyaclarim Burada also uses railway transportation in exports of its products to East European countries; such as Bosnia, Crotia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia.